The Other Daughter

You only get one life – but what if it isn’t the one you were meant to live?


‘When it finally arrived I was shocked to see it; to read the words Mum wrote about these women fighting for rights I know I take for granted. Mum was here. And while she was, something happened that changed the entire course of my life. Perhaps, if I can summon the courage, the next eight weeks will help me finally figure out what that was . . .’


When Jessica discovers a shocking secret about her birth, she leaves her London home and travels to Switzerland in search of answers. She knows her journalist mother spent time in the country forty years earlier, reporting on the Swiss women’s liberation movement, but what she doesn’t know is what happened to her while she was there. Can Jess summon the courage to face the truth about her family, or will her search only hurt herself and those around her even more?


Set across a stunning Swiss backdrop, The Other Daughter follows one woman in her search for the truth about her birth, and another desperately trying to succeed in a man’s world. Perfect for fans of Tracy Rees, Elizabeth Noble and Kathryn Hughes.

How is this a debut novel?? It is absolutely fantastic and I can’t believe that I have to wait to add more by this author to my TBR.

This has been informative and is set within a beautiful Swiss backdrop. The author gives us an insight into challenges which were faced by women during this time period.

As we read, secrets become unmasked and you are completely engaged in this one. This has been completely engaging and I have devoured this book in just one sitting.

This is an excellent debut which takes us on a journey which is a steady pace and vivid to the reader. I have been completely captivated and converted as a fan of this author.

A definite five star read which I highly recommend.

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