Close Your Eyes

Thrilled to join the blog tour for this one.

Don’t let him under your skin. He’ll destroy you.

Don’t fight him. He’ll win.

Run. Never let him find you.

I thought I was safe here, but I’m not. I’ve stayed too long. Now Genevieve is dead, and the police are on their way. It’s time for me to go.


I must stick to the plan – the one I made the day I arrived in this city. My bag is packed. It always is. I will destroy every shred of evidence of my existence. The police must never find me. If they do, so will he. 


I made a mistake, and someone had to die. But I’m the one who has truly lost her life.


I need to make a choice. If I keep running, I’ll never stop. If I go back, he will make me suffer. 


How many lives can one person ruin?

Oh wow! This book!! How will I write a review to do this justice?

This has been gripping and unpredictable. I have devoured this book in just one sitting. I sat with the intention of reading a couple of chapters but devoured the entire book.

The author has cleverly interweaved timelines together and created an absolute masterpiece. I have adored this book.

It has been an easy read with an absolutely fantastic story. I definitely couldn’t predict where the author was taking this one.

I adore the Tom Douglas series and I honestly think this is my favourite book yet.

This is definitely a series which deserves to be made into a tv drama. This is a superb read and I absolutely loved it.

A definite five star read and one that I highly recommend.

Happy reading

Little Miss Book Lover xoxox

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