My Killer Thriller Queens

Anyone that knows me will tell you my absolute favourite genres are romance and any type of crime thriller book. I have a list of authors for these genres that I always bring to the top of the TBR when they have a new book or blog tour. So here they are, in no particular order because they are all fabulous.

I absolutely adore Louise’s books, The Surrogate was my first read and very quickly converted me as a fan. I can safely say that Louise’s books never ever disappoint and you never know what twists Louise is going to throw at you during the book. Some of Louise’s books include:

  • The Stolen Sisters
  • The Family
  • The sister
  • The Date

Martina Cole is the ultimate queen of gangland crime and has really mastered the genre. I adore Martina’s books that allow us to take a trip to a darker side. Some of Martina’s books include:

  • The Ladykillers
  • The betrayal
  • No Mercy
  • The Betrayal

Another absolutely fantastic author and one who never disappoints. My first read was the fear and I was hooked from there. Cally’s books include:

  • Strangers
  • Sleep
  • The Lie
  • The Escape

I adore Shalini Boland! This is an author I really do fan girl (haha). Her books are so engaging and keep me on the edge of your seat. You cannot put them down once you start. Shalini’s books include:

  • The Wife
  • The Best Friend
  • The Perfect Family
  • The Millionaires wife
  • The Silent Sister

I signed up to a blog tour for one of Helen’s books so decided to look up her previous books. Instant fan made. I was gripped by Girl in the Grave and found myself wanting more. Helen’s books include:

  • Girls in the water
  • One left Alive
  • The Killers girl

I absolutely adore Gemma‘s books. I can’t wait for more. They are engaging, realistic and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Gemma’s books include:

  • Stalker
  • Reckless
  • Payback
  • Bad Girls (Released in January)

Another queen of crime, Casey never fails to engage me in reading and I’m eagerly anticipating what might be coming in 2021. I love the characters and the adventures to a darker side. Casey’s books include:

  • Taken
  • No fear
  • No escape

I first read the Honeymoon and was instantly a fan of Rona‘s. I’m yet to find a book that I haven’t devoured in just one sitting. Rona‘s books include:

  • The Ex Boyfriend
  • One Mistake
  • Love You Gone
  • Her Mother’s Lies

Another absolutely fantastic author. Another author who keeps me completely hooked and makes it impossible to put her books down. Keri‘s books include:

  • Trust no one
  • M for Murder
  • Dying to tell
  • Deep Dark Secrets

Now this lady, is multi-talented and writes romcoms as well. Predator was Zoe’s first thrilled and she absolutely nailed it. This was one of my most eagerly anticipated gems of 2020 and it certainly was worth waiting for.

I absolutely adore Lauren’s books! Lauren is able to pull you in and grip you with an addictive plot! I first read One Step Behind which instantly put Lauren on this list. Lauren’s books include:

  • One Step Behind
  • The Perfect Betrayal

Sheryl‘s books usually give me all the feels. I’m pulled in and they are impossible to put down. Another author who goes straight to the top of the TBR. Sheryl’s books include:

  • Trust Me
  • The Second Wife
  • The Babysitter
  • The Marriage Trap

Noelle really does create the best serial killers- believable and realistic. However, those cliff hangers get me every time. Noelle has a talent for keeping the reader on the very edge of her seat. Noelles books include:

  • Dead Inside
  • Dead Wrong
  • Dead Perfect

These ladies are all authors who instantly jump to the top of my anticipated gems list. Who are your killer queens?

Little Miss Book Lover xoxo

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