Mike’s Mourners


Mike, the seemingly heartless narcissist, may shock you, he may annoy you, he may even make you laugh and in the end he may even make you shed a tear.

A scampish young man from Shrewsbury, England, falls for an older woman. He starts work as a porter at the local hospital, where she is a Ward Sister.

Working close to dying patients and their grieving families, he realises he is somehow turned on by the sadness of widows and other female relatives. Acting on his urges, he jauntily sets out on a bold plan to sleep with one hundred grieving women.

His ‘other’ life must stay a secret from his girlfriend and her family. It is a tall order but he is so charming and able to tackle his project, being subconsciously driven by dark events from his childhood in Shropshire.

Starting with Molly, he feistily ploughs ahead until he meets the widow of a gangster. He quickly realises she is not the same as his other suitors, as she digs up ghastly memories from his past.

Undaunted, he continues on his quest, taking him as far as Seville and as close as his own doorstep.

He knows he will never find lasting love from all the women he meets. Nor does he want to. That is, until he finds someone different. Someone special. But the course of true love is never going to be straightforward for Mike, especially when he realises who she is.

Bookish Opinions

I have enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I have really been taken by surprise at how quickly I have devoured this book. This is well-written and completely engaging. I honestly feel like anything could’ve happened while I was reading this and I’d have been oblivious. I have been completely curious to where the author was going to take this book.

Mike is an unusual character and one that I strongly dislike. I really haven’t been able to like him regardless of how much information I’ve had about him. I feel that he has spoilt the book for me, his actions and attitude are irritating.

I don’t really like the cover of this one, it doesn’t pull my attention and if this wasn’t a book submitted to AQR, it may not be one that I would read. However, I do feel the title is fitting for the story.

For me, this has been a three star read. Saved purely by the author’s engaging writing.

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