Fatal fix

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Chasing the story of a lifetime can get you killed.

When Premier League manager Tony Barker is found hanged in his home, the police declare it a suicide. But Tony’s old friend, investigative journalist Matt Riley, isn’t buying it. Matt discovers that Tony was about to expose a huge match fixing scandal, and a police insider tips him off that key evidence has gone missing. Suspecting murder, he launches his own investigation. His editor orders him to drop the story. Matt refuses and gets fired. Determined to find the truth, he goes freelance and soon penetrates a labyrinth of greed and corruption that leads to an underworld gambling syndicate in Singapore. He believes he is about to solve the murder and break the biggest story of his life, but others have a different idea…

The shadowy figures he’s been tracking have their sights turned on him. Matt Riley is in a desperate race against time – to find Tony Barker’s killers before he becomes their next victim.

My Review

Well this book has been better than I had expected. I have been gripped from very early on and found this a book which has been difficult to put down.

This is filled with plot twists which keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes this a read which is absolutely impossible to put down.

This is my first read by this author and I can honestly say that I haven’t been disappointed. This has kept me intrigued and guessing.

This is completely unique to anything I’ve read previously and I haven’t wanted to finish this one.

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