Diary of a Prison Officer

This novel explores issues around discrimination, Black identity and the failure of the prison system to rehabilitate women.

Shortlisted for the Pen to Print Award 2020

“I cannot recommend it enough. Aside from everything that is happening around ‘Black Lives Matter’, I would say this book is a must read.” Preetha Leela Chockalingam, author

If you enjoyed the T.V series Orange is the New Black, or the book Girl, Woman, Other you’ll love this novel.

This is an eye opening and informative book which I am glad to have had the pleasure of reading. I have devoured this quite quickly.

I have been so engaged in this book, I’ve managed to read it quite quickly. I have loved the honesty and truth portrayed in this one.

The author has given a clear picture to the reader and this will definitely keep you interested.

This for me is a strong four star read which I highly recommend.

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