Snowflakes over Bay Tree Terrace Fay Keenan

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As the snowflakes fall, new love blossoms…

When teacher Florence Ashton receives a surprise inheritance, she decides to make the life-changing decision to up sticks to the charming town of Willowbury in Somerset. With a new house and a new job, she’s too busy putting down roots to think about love.

Air Ambulance pilot Sam Ellis is definitely not looking for romance either, especially not on his doorstep. When Florence, his new neighbour, complains about his noisy housemate, he feels more cross than star-crossed. 

But as the nights draw in and both find themselves thrown together in Willowbury’s seasonal drama production, will they overcome their differences and allow a little bit of winter magic to fall along with the snow? And what secrets will be revealed by the box of memories Florence finds in the attic at Bay Tree Terrace?

Let Fay Keenan transport you to the perfect country winter wonderland, with roaring firesspectacular scenery, and unforgettable characters.  Perfect for all fans of Cathy Bramley, Fern Britton and Katie Fforde.

This has been an absolutely gorgeous and perfect read. I haven’t been able to put it down. I was attracted to this book by the gorgeous cover and the story has been equally as beautiful.

I cannot say anything negative about this this book, the characters are fantastic and seem extremely likeable and real.

The book pulls you in from the very beginning and it is absolutely impossible to put down.

Fay Keenan is a fantastic author and I have absolutely loved this book. This is definitely a favourite moving forward. I highly recommend this book.

A definite five star read by a truly talented author.

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