The Middle Aged Virgin in Italy Olivia Spring

Thrilled to join the blog tour for this absolutely fantastic and amazingly talented author.

Can a holiday romance lead to long-term love?

When Sophia moves to Tuscany to be with Lorenzo, she dreams of finally having it all: the amazing boyfriend, the baby she’s always wanted, the great career and the fairy-tale life in an idyllic town. But the reality is very different…

The only Italian Sophia seems to have mastered since arriving is pasta, prosecco and gelato. She suddenly finds herself dealing with Lorenzo’s meddling mother and juggling caring for her son with running a business hundreds of miles away, and there’s a problem in the bedroom department…

Despite Lorenzo being hotter than chilli sauce, since becoming a mum, Sophia has zero desire to get jiggy. None. After several months without any action, she’s in danger of becoming a Middle-Aged Virgin. Again.

Can Sophia get her sex life back? Will her holiday romance go the distance so she can find her happily-ever-after in Italy?  

Join Sophia on her laugh-out-loud Italian adventures today as she steps out of her comfort zone and attempts to relight her fire and enjoy la dolce vita with hilarious encounters along the way.

Buy The Middle-Aged Virgin in Italy now and start reading this fun, sexy sequel about motherhood, friendship, following your heart and keeping the spark alive in a relationship. 

I absolutely adore Olivia Spring’s books and this one has been no different. I was so excited when I found out that we’d be following Sophia and Lorenzo for more adventures. I have literally been on countdown for this one.

I fell in love with these characters in the first book and I have to admit this might be my new favourite. I have laughed out loud more than once reading this book. I have also had the escape to the beautiful setting of Tuscany from the comfort of my back garden.

Olivia Spring is a hugely talented author, this book has been no different to previous books. I have been captivated from the very first page and completely devoured this book in just one sitting. I cannot wait for more books, I will definitely be first in line for them.

This is another book with a gorgeous cover, nice and bold to really catch the eye of the reader. The story has been equally as wonderful as the cover. I don’t feel that all authors can make a follow on book as good as the first. However, Olivia Spring has done just that. This book is equally as amazing and definitely a must read.

This is a strong five star read.

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