A Wish for Ginnie Audrey Davis

Thrilled to join the blog tour for this fantastic author.


When Jinnie Cooper is dumped by her fiancé, and exiled to a job in an antiques shop in a sleepy Scottish village, little does she know a battered old lamp is about to shake up her life.

Genie Dhassim grants wishes. But he also wants a few of his own to come true. Letting him explore the outside world proves nerve-wracking as Dhassim has an uncanny knack of putting his pointy-slippered foot in it.

As Jinnie grows closer to her employer Sam, Dhassim discovers his time on earth is running out.

Can both Jinnie and Dhassim find true happiness? Or are those wishes that cannot be granted?

Perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Sophie Kinsella and Debbie Viggiano

I love this author, she is fantastic. I was converted by my bookish friend Emily and have been a fan ever since. I was so excited to see a newbie, I just had to jump on the tour.

I have loved this book, it has definitely been worth the wait. This has grabbed me from the very start. I have linked the genie with Aladdin and devoured this entire book. It is such an easy and fun read, I am so disappointed I won’t be experiencing this as a first time read again.

I love the characters in this gorgeous book. The fun and whimsical romance which develops is fantastic, I have loved it. This is most definitely a five star read. I wish the ratings could be higher than five stars because this is a magical read.

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