Poll Dancer Laura Heffernan

A huge thank you to Laura for my copy of this absolutely gorgeous book.

This is available June 2020.

When politics meets pole fitness, Mel’s life flips upside-down.

After Mel’s disastrous promo video goes viral, a “family values” group launches a protest against her dance studio. Their leader isn’t just trying to stop her from teaching–he’s using Mel as a moral scapegoat for his own senate campaign. If he wins, he threatens to change the laws to keep all pole dancing out of their community.

Mel’s not going down without a fight. Since running for office beats unemployment, she decides to face off against him. She hires a campaign manager and tosses her hat in the ring. There’s just one problem: voters don’t get pole. Mel needs to change her image, fast. If she can’t get the people on her side, she won’t have a business to save. And then there’s her campaign manager, Daniel. Who knew the hardest part of running for office would be not losing her heart?

Oh I’ve loved this book. I loved the cover from the very first moment I saw it and the book has been equally as gorgeous.

I am a huge fan of Laura’s, this book might be my new favourite. I have loved absolutely everything about it.

I’ve had moments where I’ve literally laughed out loud and moments where I’ve been utterly desperate to find out what was coming next.

Mel is a fantastic main character. She is extremely likeable and real. I love this because I’ve never thought of pole dancing and politics being put together.

This is definitely a great read which I feel everyone should read. Five stars doesn’t show how fantastic this read is. I cannot thank Laura enough for the opportunity to read this one ahead of release. It’s been a delight and has definitely cheered me up.

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I’d love to hear them.

Lots of love

Little Miss Book Lover xoxo

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