Summer of Reckoning: Marion Brunet

Absolutely thrilled to be on this blog tour for this lovely book.


A psychological thriller set in the Luberon, a French region that evokes holidays in magnificent pool-adorned villas. For those who live there year-round, it often means stifling poverty and boredom. Sixteen-year-old Céline and her sister Jo, fifteen, dream of escaping to somewhere far from their daily routine, far from their surly, alcoholic father and uncaring mother, both struggling to make ends meet. That summer Celine falls pregnant, devastating news that reopens deep family wounds. Those of the mother Severine whose adolescence was destroyed by her early pregnancy and subsequent marriage with Manuel. Those of the father Manuel, grandson of Spanish immigrants, who takes refuge in alcoholism to escape the open disdain of his in-laws. Faced with Celine’s refusal to name the father of her child, Manuel needs a guilty party and Saïd, a friend of the girls from an Arab family, fits Manuel’s bigoted racial stereotype. In the suffocating heat of summer he embarks on a drunken mission of revenge.

My Review:

This has been one of those reads which has been hard to put down. I have really liked the sisters, Jo and Celine. I have found them likeable from the very beginning.

Brunet has covered many “real” issues including poverty, boredom, pregnancy of a young girl and also racism. These have been done in a way which is sensitive and engaging to the reader.

I have devoured this book in just one sitting. I actually found it impossible to put down and was desperate to know how things were going to pan out.

This has been translated perfectly and is a book I would highly recommend to other readers. Definitely worthy of the five stars I need to give this book.

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