Make or Break at the Lighthouse B&B: Portia Macintosh

A huge thank you to Portia and HQ Digital for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I am a huge fan of Portia’s and I had to request this gorgeous book as soon as I saw it.


Welcome to beautiful Hope Island, where the sun is shining, the locals are welcoming, and Lola is about to find a second chance at love…

Thirty-one-year-old matchmaker Lola Jameshad it all – until she broke her leg at a wedding and discovered that her so-called ‘best friend’ was suddenly too busy to call, her flat had far too many steps, and her boyfriend replaced her quicker than you can say ‘crutches’.

And so she’s back at her parents’ B&B, sleeping in the living room (she can’t get upstairs) and having her hair washed by her mum (she can’t get in the shower).

Freshly single and with a lot of time on her hands, Lola is only too pleased to run into gorgeous Dr Will, an old friend who has definitely improved with age… And then there’s Dean, a divorcé who’s convinced he’s better off alone – no matter how lonely he is.
Can Will help mend Lola’s broken heart as well as her leg? Can she help Dean find love? As a wise man once said, sometimes the one for you is right under your nose, all along…

My Thoughts:

This book definitely made being up half the night with earache bearable.
I have to be honest, I am a huge fan of Portia’s and I am yet to read a book I have disliked. I am always instantly pulled into the pages and absolutely adore the stories as they unfold. This one has been no different. This is a gorgeous read which is guaranteed to leave you smiling.
This is one which has:
Romance ✅
Loveable characters ✅
Fantastic plot ✅
I have devoured this book in a matter of hours, it has gripped me and I have been excited to see how the story plays out.
There is literally nothing to dislike about this gorgeous, five star read. I wish I could rate this higher than five stars, it is definitely highly deserving.
I would even go as far as saying that Portia Macintosh is a queen of Romantic Comedy stories. She has a remarkable talent and reading Portia’s books is better than watching any movie. Although, all of Portia’s stories would make fantastic movies. I’d definitely go see them all.
A huge thank you to Portia and HQ Digital for the ARC of this book. I cannot wait to see what else 2020 holds.

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