The Runaway Bride: Mary-Jayne Baker

Well what a week it has been! I’m super excited to have joined A Quintillion Reads. I am so looking forward to reading and reviewing with these guys.

This is my second read of Mary-Jayne Baker’s and I think this is my favourite so far. I can’t wait to read more.


Kitty does a runner on her wedding day, hiking a list from Irish man Jack. He then takes her to her aunty’s, where she climbs out the window and does another runner after hearing a phone call between her aunty and mum.

Heading for the nearest pub, Kitty runs into Jack again. He immediately starts to look after Kitty, offering her a place to stay and a job as his PA.

As they spend time together, it becomes clear to Jack that Kitty has been controlled by both her mother and new husband. He immediately begins to encourage her to face her demons, whilst admitting his own- he’s a widow.

Before her nan’s funeral, Kitty admits the reason she ran away- she saw her mother and husband kissing on her wedding day. Jack attends the funeral with Kitty and is extremely proud when she puts Ethan, the husband firmly in his place. During a conversation with her mother, she makes her excuses to go to the bathroom.

This is where she finds Ethan’s aftershave, immediately realising what has been going on Kitty decides to leave through the window. However, this isn’t plain sailing for Kitty when she ends up in hospital with concussion. She has Ethan and her mother at her bedside, when all she really wants is Jack.

Finally, they are reunited and Jack makes it clear that Kitty is right about the betrayal between the pair. He also enlightens her to the fact that she is actually adopted. When she is finally able to leave the hospital, things are all good with Jack. That is, until she admits she loves him. Can Kitty and Jack have it all? Will she help him overcome his grief?

My Review:

Wow oh wow!

This is a wonderful and fantastic book! I honestly think that this is my favourite by Mary-Jayne. This is definitely going to take some beating- it is a truly wonderful story.

I absolutely loved Kitty and Jack from the very beginning, but I couldn’t predict how the story was going to go. I wasn’t disappointed by the twists that took place. I strongly dislike Ethan, what an absolute douchebag! He is definitely the guy we’ve all been infatuated with at some point in life- I only wish Kitty had kicked him where it would hurt.

This book has made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions, but I’ve also felt a bit emotional on times. I’ve definitely been on a rollercoaster with Jack and Kitty. I need a follow up!! It cannot end where it has- that would be super unfair!

I can honestly say that I’ve adored this book, it has been an amazing read. I can honestly say that five stars doesn’t do this book the justice.

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